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This Is Strange Heart


"Here's the part I tell you I'm falling apart." - The Captain by Strange Heart

Joshua Clemens and Bryce Carroll-Coe returned home from the west coast only weeks apart, each facing their own crossroads. Bryce was returning home one year after receiving a heart transplant, looking for a place to sleep and someone to make music with. Josh arrived home to be near family just before two of his sisters died tragically from cancer only mere days apart. He was inspired to write songs about the experience, and reflected further on his 7 years away from Detroit.

He needed help if he was going to bring these songs to life. What he found in Bryce was a guitarist that would push him musically to a place he wasn't sure he could reach. Joined by Josh's former bandmates, Mike Schneider (bass) and Bobby Jankowski (drums), they formed Strange Heart.

The resulting album, Sinking Ships, is a story of personal tragedy, as well as a resounding testament to resilience, despair, love, jealousy, and, if you listen hard enough, hope.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Josh Clemens
Vocals, Bass / Mike Schneider
Vocals, Lead Guitar / Bryce Carroll-Coe
Drums / Bobby Jankowski



november 26th, 2018

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November 16th, 2018

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